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Foot Operated Thermometer

This Covid-19 situation, pushed us all various new opportunities in the way of this particlar field of medical equipments. And we also wanted to take a part in this.

We at Agri Ideas, tried our hands at an Ambu Bag based Ventilator than is controlled via Wi-Fi and runs on 3.7V Li-Ion Battery, it is still in development process. Till then, we came up with this unique concept, of foot operated thermometer. This product easily fits in our needs right now, as the medical staff and government is urging us to not touch anything and to maintain distance, but we never think there is a worker who has to take temperature of each individual at places, which throws him into the closest territory to every person he meets.

By this machine, we promote full remote temperature check-up, which is recorded in logs which can be checked by the concerned person for information. There is also a feature of over-temperature detection where the system will buzz the alarm in case a threshold temperatue is checked and a photo of that person would be captured and sent to our database, this will help us to more easily assess the technology. This concept is still under work.

We also, want to implement an attendance system along with this, where employee photo, temperature, in time and id will be logged in the database. This will make the process much easier than other ways, as Covid-19 has taught us, there is always scope for improveent and learning. We wish to work further on such products and help others in need.

Stay Safe! Keep Learning & Aggregating Ideas!

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