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New Texaa Trials

Being a R&D company in electric vehicle, we always want to improvise ourselves and improve the existing vehicles in market. This is out take at a E-Loader vehicle that is developed especially keeping in mind what an industry would need. The vehicle is currently powered by a 2kW BLDC system with 64V 80Ah battery. As per our study the industries, mostly the MSME sector need a heavy built vehicle that can dump heavy loads from one place to another with least maintenance. Our vehicle fits perfectly in this spot. It has a full metal body with a specialized reverse sensor system for alertness. Being powered by a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack(own manufactured & tested), makes this a maintenance-less vehicle, which can provide the best performance in the area it is for which it is built to be.

Below, you can check clips from our trials, in three different conditions.

1) Pulling a Tata LPT 407(weighs: 2.7T)

2) Pulling a Voltas Forklift(weighs: 4.1 T)

3) Pulling a Voltas Forklift with load(weight: 4.1T + 0.6T)

Don't you think it was amazing to see? A tiny vehicle capable of pulling such heavy loads. It was amazing for us, these trials showed us the potential in EV segment, and applications which are still unexplored. The vehicle is still under trials but we can provide the vehicle once we are fully confident with the vehicle. Incase any one is interested, we can validate and provide the vehicle. For contact details, find details on our website, we'll be happy to serve you.

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