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Wi-Fi Based Ambu Bag Ventilator System

Covid-19 presented a unique opportunity apart from general boredom, and that is availability of infinite time.

While all our front members are fighting the pandemic, teams like us were waiting for their turn for contributions.

With no previous exposure in the area, we dared to get into a totally unknown territory.


A rudimentary proto, which could be made with the parts in hand, is presented herewith. Concept is working and has given fair idea about the product, and now, we are ready to take it forward.

Very soon, as the markets open, this shall be working, and may prove to be a boon for elementary respiratory assistance.

Running on 12 V DC supply, either by rechargeabe batteries or by car lighter socket, the equipment shall be controlled over WIFI by a mobile, which will act as a screen and also as a regulator.

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