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With a small Electronics R&D team, we started our journey for addressing our own requirement, to monitor the production on more than 100 power presses running at our factories day and night.

The result of these efforts is the Stroke Counter. This product is an IoT based solution which can monitor and broadcast the strokes, motor current and working hours of the press machines over a website.

The solution comprises of a compact Wi-Fi based module, which can help supervisors and managers keep a real-time and live-updating check on productivity vis-à-vis targets.

The stroke counter is a home-grown product, developed by our in-house engineers, with feedback from shop floor managers and workmen, and has been first tested in our own factories at Jamshedpur, Lucknow and Howrah.

The module has the potential to be modified for a host of monitoring needs – such as temperature, pressure, relative humidity as per the requirement of the customers.

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