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DM Group, led by visionary Shri D K Mantri, headquartered at Kolkata, is a diversified group, engaged in nation building since 1970, with Tea growing, Engineering factories, Marketing and Investment services.


  • The DM Group has a strong and vibrant workforce of over 2000 employees and workers.

  • An annual production of over 4 Million Kg of Tea.

  • Processes over 20,000 MT of automotive sheet metal stampings and fabricated products for Tata Motors, and other OEMs.

  • 2700 hectares of land under tea cultivation.

  • In excess of 2,00,000 SqFt of built up area at it’s engineering units located at Howrah, Jamshedpur, Lucknow and Hyderabad.


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An Aspiring Technology Congregation

We are a young and ambitious group of engineers and technicians with a zeal to do something which may not be original, but is fundamentally known to us; with innovations built in to create a product with an edge and lot of Indianness.

At Agri Ideas, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead companies towards a successful future.

With a spirit to develop indigenous solutions, through Agri Ideas, DM Group aims big, with the products developed validated and approved first at our own facilities, before they see the market.

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At Agri Ideas, we aspire to develop indigenous solutions to the challenges we see around us. We have only just started, but already we have developed a plethora of products with applications across sectors including e-mobility, productivity solutions as well as industrial monitoring tools.
WIth a mix of small successes and failures, we continue on this path with full dedication and a daring attitude. We aspire that our solutions will also inspire others to do more in aggregating new ideas.
Continued experimentation, reading and learning to know more about smart tech and imagining solutions is the bedrock of all our endeavours.

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For more information on any of the products given above kindly contact us from the details given below. We're here for you!

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln


One-hand Electric Tea Leaf Harvester

Plucky is our first product, which launched us into this path of innovation. The tea industry in India has been struggling to find a suitable plucking machine, which is cost effective as well as reliable as compared to other imported solutions available in the market.

Plucky is a fully indigenous product with all Indian components. More so, it is powered using our in-house developed and manufactured Li-Ion power-pack.

This gives us the ability to deliver a complete solution and ensure the cost effectiveness, reliability and serviceability of our product.

Powered by a 15W DC motor, this machine has shown its capability in increasing plucking productivity of each worker by approximately 3 fold.



Perfect Execution for an E-Rickshaw

We call it Texaa, "Taxi Ka Baap", and it truly delivers on this.

Texaa is yet again a fully indigenously designed and developed e-mobility solution which is designed with a high degree of stubbornness and rigidity which is essential for Indian conditions. Texaa is a unique product which boasts of various segment first features and stands above its peers.

As a new vehicle – designed from the ground up keeping in mind local conditions, it is not constrained by any of the weaknesses of many of the peers available in the market – which are merely kits assembled from off-the-shelf products available from China.

This enables Texaa to deliver unmatched performance and excellent overall value with segment first features such as 2 gear transmission, full metal body, stabilizer bar, enhanced suspension, battery mounted on dampers, amongst others.


The unique construction of Texaa also ensures a high end-of-life value and makes it easy to recycle.



Our part in Industrial Innovation 2.0

With a small Electronics R&D team, we started our journey for addressing our own requirement, to monitor the production on more than 100 power presses running at our factories day and night.

The result of these efforts is the Stroke Counter. This product is an IOT based solution which can monitor and broadcast the strokes, motor current and working hours of the press machines over a website.

The solution comprises of a compact Wi-Fi based module, which can help supervisors and managers keep a real-time and live-updating check on productivity vis-à-vis targets.

The stroke counter is a home-grown product, developed by our in-house engineers, with feedback from shop floor managers and workmen, and has been first tested in our own factories at Jamshedpur, Lucknow and Howrah.

The module has the potential to be modified for a host of monitoring needs – such as temperature, pressure, relative humidity as per the requirement of the customers.



A Real Success

With our venture into the EV market, we have been driven by a passion to develop a product without compromises, with each solution designed on our own.

For an EV, the battery pack is half the vehicle, and so, it needed to be reviewed from the ground-up to ensure a no-compromise product. We refused to fit in a product which was originally designed for other reasons and was being used as a compromise for EV’s presently available in the market.

While designing Texaa, we look the initiative to manufacture our own battery packs. This gives us the unique ability of providing an end-to-end solution for an EV which can be delivered at a single point.

Lithopure is designed with proprietary case and it comes fitted with specially designed dampers, which is a first in this segment.

The journey which started by making 24V 7Ah Li-Ion battery packs for Plucky, has now culminated into Lithopure - Prismatic LFP 48V & 60V packs in capacities of 80 Ah and 160 Ah for Texaa, with many more variants still to come.



Just a start

Our skills, as well as the R&D team, are growing with each project being executed. This has given us an opportunity to look forwards and various new products are under development, which will reach maturity soon.

  • 2 gear rear fixed axle for EVs

  • Super capacitor bank for cold starting heavy vehicles

  • New applications in robotics, like drilling

  • Newer variants of electric mobility for industries

  • Sanitation and brooming trucks

  • E-bikes

  • DIY electronics kits for budding engineers

  • PCB prototyping

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