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A product which was much needed in this emerging Electric Vehicle market in India, is a reliable State of Charge or SoC meter. The major meters flooded right now in India, are voltage based and never shows proper battery status. The percentage value tends to dip with voltage during acceleration and settles up again when load is reduced with voltage, this nature confuses the driver. To eradicate this issue, we have developed, this one of a kind, Indian made, SoC meter which has various features required by a driver, to check their vehicle's performance. This device includes a patented feature too, which is new to it's kind.

 A truly “Make In India” Product, with indigenous design and manufacturing.​

• Patent Pending
• Will come equipped with our Battery
• Comes equipped with an Overload Alarm and Logger
• Easy to install & Calibrate
• Indication lights provided along with buzzer for alert
• Comes with packaged 1 Year warranty

PXL_20201112_073020271 (1).jpg
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