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A Real Success

When we stepped into the Electric vehicle market, driven by our passion we wanted everything of our own. The battery pack was half the vehicle, and so, it had to be our's. So, while we were designing our vehicle, we also took the initiative to manufacture our own battery packs so that we provide end to end solution, and also know the product in and out. Lithopure has got our own designed case, and it comes with specially designed dampers, which is a first in this segment. The journey which started by making 24V 7Ah Li ion battery packs for Plucky, has now reached to Prismatic LFP 48V & 60V packs in capacities of 80Ah and 160Ah for Texaa, with many more to come.

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Our battery pack manufacturing process is divided in 4 parts:

1. Initial Testing: The cells are  first tested for Impedence values and sorted.

2. Assembly: The cells are then assembled either by Spot with Ni tabs, as in the case of Li Ion and NCM cells, or, by fastening through copper strips. The screws used here are Stainless Steel. The cells are then arranged in sheet metal structure, which is secured in CRCA casing, so thst teh cells cannot move during dynamic condition.We have especially designed enclosure for our batteries which provide strength, and protection from physical abuse. We introduced dampers in our battery packs that gives us a benefit over others in worse vibration conditions. After the satisfactory assembly with BMS connections, our pack is ready for other tests.

3. Ageing Test: Finally, the pack is made. But to ensure our customers get the rated capacity from their batteries, we test the assembled packs on an Ageing Tester, which is approved by cell manufacturers for reliable performance. Here, the pack is tested in 5 parts (a charging cycle, a discharging cyce and then agan a charging cyce, with rests in betwen as defined). which gives us the tested value of battery's capacity.

4. Comprehensive Test: Once the pack passes Ageing Test, it is put to  Comprehensive tester. There are 11 parameters that are checked here, if the pack passes all of them, it is ready to be fitted on our vehicle, go along Plucky or for delivering to other customers. A barcode is put to teh battery pack for easy retrival of all reports. A sample report is attached.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-22 at

This is a 6-channel model we currently use for our battery Testing.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-22 at 20.15.49 (1

This machine checks all the 11 parameters in one go. 


Datasheets for our products

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